As a keen snorkeler many of my pieces are inspired by photos I’ve taken from underwater experiences. My love of the ocean and the undersea world is evident in all my works. Enthralled by unique marine environments, I use acrylic paints to capture water like translucency and to also build up bold, opaque layers. I love the contrast these two techniques and styles can create. My pieces range from large canvas artwortks capturing scenes of reef life, quite loose in style and full of light and life, to smaller detailed pieces focusing on a realism approach.


I have always painted marine life as a passion and in 2018 I decided to focus my life around being an artist. Since then I have sold many pieces to collectors around Australia and overseas. I regularly exhibit my artworks as I love sharing both the art and the fascinating marine creatures I capture in the work. Having an Associate Diploma in Graphic Design informs my use of complementary and harmonious colours as well as my compositions.

I endeavour to make pieces that fill peoples’ homes with a sense of calm and beauty. The colours I use are reflective of the ocean and the life it holds. My pieces remind people of the ocean, holidays, summer, swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving, boating, fishing and all the happiness these memories and activities bring. I seek to capture the beauty and tranquillity that lies beneath the water’s surface and to keep our oceans and coral reefs in the top of people’s minds.


  • Merit award, Seascapes Art Exhibition - Light, Space and Time Gallery 2018

  • Finalist, Solar Art Prize, Royal South Australian Society of Arts 2016

  • Winner, Best Oil or Acrylic Painting - Glenelg Art Show 2008


  • 2019 Selected to exhibit at ‘Surf Art’ Exhibition, Promenade Gallery, Flinders Medical Centre

  • 2018 ‘Aqua Pura’, Insieme Ristorante

  • 2018 ‘Life Underwater’ - solo exhibition as part of the SALA Event, Sammy's on the Marina

  • 2018 Solo Exhibition , By Blackbird Cafe

  • 2018 Artist Showcase - 'Envision', RAW Australia - Burnside Ballroom

  • 2018 Selected to exhibit - ‘Seasons of the Fleurieu’ Exhibition, Harvest Festival, Stump Hill Gallery

  • 2017 Selected to exhibit - ‘Bold and The Beautiful’ Exhibition, Stump Hill Gallery

  • 2016 Finalist in Solar Art Prize, Royal South Australian Society of Arts